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“I really love Bang-Ando Apps because the feature make me convenience to shop without cash money"

Sri Rahayu
Indonesian Migrant Worker

“Bang-Ando Apps make me easy to pay payment bill from my home in Indonesia”

Indonesian Migrant Worker

“Bang-Ando Apps make me easy to give my salary to my family in Indonesia”

Indonesian Migrant Worker

“Bang Ando Apps easy to use for migrant and help migrant to manage their salary”

Aznil Tan
Indonesian migrant worker protection agency

“So useful to transfer to my helper!”

Kelly Swee
FDW Employer

“Bang-Ando apps Help me to catch update information from the government and many agencies"

Indonesian Migrant Worker

“Bang-Ando Apps make me easy to transfer to my colleges in Indonesia”

Indonesian Migrant Worker


Utilising and implementing cost effective financial technologies with the most advanced and efficient software operating systems to enable those in need to access services and promote inclusive prosperity.


We will achieve this by​ offering a trusted & inclusive ​digital mobile application ​dedicated to fellow ​Indonesians living and ​working overseas to​ stay connected with Indonesia ​and loved ones.

For Global Employers

Bang-Ando has a marketplace that allows Employers to tap on our qualified talent pool of motivated and committed Indonesian Migrant Workers (IMW).

Bang-Ando ensures training and social support are in place, where Employers can have a peace of mind, as the migrant workers have the support and environment that cares for their well being to create an effective and happy worker.

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Our end-to-end trusted platform leverages on our ecosystem partners to improve quality of lives and creating jobs opportunities for all Indonesian migrant workers toward a better future and prosperity through:

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